Breakdown cover isn’t just for vacations and business commutes, and it isn’t all about you. It can give you a peace of mind when your family members are on the road, whether it is just a trip to the local grocery or a family member will be venturing out of the nest for a considerable distance.

Covering the Car or the Person

Something to consider when purchasing breakdown cover for your family is whether to cover the vehicle or the person. No, it isn’t medical or anything like that, but when you insure the person, the insurance policy follows him or her no matter what vehicle is being driven. This is great for someone who drives company vehicles, or for making sure that your college student is covered, even if he or she is driving a friend’s vehicle.

If the car is covered, that can be good news, too. If the policy is attached to the vehicle, it doesn’t matter who is driving it; the car or truck is covered. Even if your vehicle is stolen, driven away and abandoned, it is covered. Much like when your vehicle breaks down in another country, your breakdown cover will retrieve it and get it back to you.

You Don’t Have to Choose

If you have a large, busy family that includes teen-agers, or young twenty-somethings, you might want to include both options – just to have all your bases “covered”, so to speak. That can be a real comfort when you have young adults in your family or even for older members who are dealing with life changes and challenges.

Give Yourself a Break on Cost

Like many kinds of insurance covers, breakdown is a little less expensive when you are insuring more than one vehicle or family member on the same policy. You can easily take advantage of the group rates for that bustling group of young people who are getting ready to step out into the Big World any day now.

If you are dealing with a company that has other kinds of insurance as well as breakdown, such as uninsured motorist, collision and perhaps even renters and homeowners insurance, you can gain even more savings by keeping all your coverage under one umbrella, so to speak.

Help New Drivers in Your Family Understand the Different Kinds of Insurance

Driving a motor vehicle is a big responsibility. If you have been driving for quite a while, you might not remember all the different things that a new driver needs to learn. Knowing what insurance is on a vehicle and who to call in case of mechanical failure or an accident are an important part of your new drivers’ education. Even if your vehicle has one of those fancy notification systems, it is not a bad idea to keep a cheat sheet of directions and telephone numbers in the glove box of your vehicle.

It is just fine if the first number on that list is labeled “mom” or “dad.” It sure beats getting a knock on your door at four AM, and a policeman saying, “Now, your son or daughter is all right, but . . .” If you are the first person called, you can coach your teen through the next steps.

Make sure your new driver understands the difference between mechanical failure and an accident so that he or she will know whether to call the breakdown cover agent or the regular insurance agent. Of course, if they are the same company, one call will take care of everything.

Whether you decide to insure the person, the vehicle, or both, breakdown cover is one way to help keep your family protected.